spectral system image

System for Microspectrometry

Combination of a fully equipped scientific grade Nikon microscope with a high precision motorized stage and a quality spectrometer guarantees a universal microspectrometry solution for analysis of various forensic traces including fibres, paint chips or inks. Camera image (approximately 3.2 x 2.0 mm for 5x objective) and spectrum of a defined area within the camera image (circle with a typical diameter of 40 µm for 5x objective) are viewed simultaneously. The spectrometer probe size can be tuned to the requested lateral resolution by selecting a proper pinhole in the spectrometer mount. A simple click within the camera image will move the sample spot directly into the spectrometer view with 1 µm precision. Any number of points within the whole sample can then be marked, automatically scanned and averaged to obtain the final spectrum. Transmittance/reflectance, absorbance and colorimetry modes are available. Acquired spectra can be stored into the database for archiving, exported into MS Excel or transformed into a simple PDF report.


  • Versatile spectrometer for near UV - VIS - near IR spectroscopy

  • 2.3 MP color CMOS camera allowing a simultaneous live camera image

  • High precision and repeatability (1 µm) XY stage with a long travel range (up to 100 mm)

  • Precision stage control (joystick or single click in the software)

  • Modular versatile Nikon microscope for brightfield/darkfield microspectroscopy with episcopic and diascopic illumination, polarized light microscopy including a set of objectives (5x - 40x) and fluorescence microscopy (optional)

  • All-in-one software integration - live spectrum, live camera image, stage control, definition of scanning points, automatic scanning, spectrum analysis and reporting

8 LUCIA MSP systems have been sold to 5 countries

Czech Republic (3), Switzerland (1), Italy (1), Israel (1), India (2).