LUCIA Forensic

forensic system image

Image Comparison for Forensic Applications

LUCIA Forensic represents an universal software for forensic image processing and comparison. Images captured by any of our scanning devices, by scanner, by photo camera, or a live image (provided by any supported digital camera) can be calibrated, enhanced with various image processing tools, and compared with multiple other images at once using a variety of comparison modes. Software supports Windows 7, Windows 10, and 4k monitors.

Image Processing

  • Ergonomic integrated live image, motorized stage and light control

  • Extended depth of focus (EDF) and reflection-free high dynamic range (HDR) scanning

  • Wide range of image enhancement tools (local contrast, gamma, shading correction)

  • Measurement tools (length or angle)

  • Thresholding and binary image operations


  • Wide range of 2D and 3D comparison modes: Transparency, split line with free rotation or free shape and others

  • Aligning images by points or automatically

Data Sharing

  • All standard image formats and LUCIA 3D images are supported

  • Multi layer image - original data, thresholded layer, and annotation saved separately in one file

  • User-friendly image calibration, user-defined notes, all stored within the image file

  • Image and comparison manager saving whole comparisons as easy-to-share folder

  • Image organizer with preview

  • Network data sharing

  • Access to external SQL databases


LUCIA Forensic provides a wide range of tools for comparison of images, but is also a key element of the forensic examination systems from our product range. Each system has its own simplified user interface.

Investigation of Tool Marks

The ToolScan and ToolScan R360 systems provide a new insight into tool mark analysis bringing up the digital silicone copy of tool marks.

Shoeprint and Fingerprint Analysis

The TrasoScan system provides 1000 PPI scanning of lifted traces on various types of lifters, whole shoe soles, fingerprints on glass or treated with fluorescent powders, and more. The simpler DactyScope system specializes in comparison of fingerprints.

Refractive Index Measurement and Spectroscopy

Hardware solutions for spectroscopy and Becke lines refractive index measurement method.