ToolScan R360

toolscan r360 system image

A System for Examination of Toolmarks

ToolScan System is a complete solution for scanning, examination, and comparison of toolmarks such as: striations and imprints of plier jaws left on cylinder locks, cuts in wires, cuts in tires, test impressions in lead or toolmark castings. Plier jaws or blades can be scanned directly and compared with the marks, line intersections on signatures may be examined or broken objects may be scanned for physical match verification.

Any object with non-translucent surface can be scanned as a digital silicon casting. In this form, the 3D profile of the surface can be separated from the texture (material properties, stains) and any illumination direction can be simulated which significantly improves visibility of the toolmarks. Translucent or untypical surfaces can be scanned as all-in-focus EDF 2D images under multiple illumination directions.

The R360 variant of ToolScan includes a rotation unit which provides the ability to scan cylindrical or deformed objects such as bullets, cartridge case surfaces, wires, or any other objects up to 8 cm in diameter. The system is equipped with a set of holders for most common object shapes.

Software and Comparison

  • Live examination of toolmarks in real time

  • Quick preview scan, automatic 2D and 3D scanning

  • Extended Depth of Focus (EDF) is used in conjunction with the photometric stereo method

  • The digital silicon casting enables texture-free display, free 3D rotation and positioning, illumination variation, Z inversion

  • A set of 2D and 3D comparison modes (horizontal, vertical, free rotation, free split line, transparency, tiled mode with up to 16 objects side by side).

  • Illumination synchronization between images

  • Measurements (distances, angles, Z-profile), annotations

  • Images can be saved to network drives, X3P format is fully supported for import / export

System Specifications

  • The system is delivered including a high performance PC, Windows 11, and 31,5’’ monitor

  • Maximally versatile solution for toolmark scanning and comparison

  • Robust mechanical construction and motorized stages

  • Top quality telecentric lens

  • Resolution: 3.07 μm/px, magnification on a 31.5” 4K UHD monitor: 60x

  • Segmented ring LED illuminator, laser autofocus

  • XY stage range: 10 x 10 cm, focusing range: 10 cm, rotation 360°

Typical scanning times in 3D mode

Scanned material Scan time
Toolmark on flat objects, 100 mm2 area 1:00 min
Bullet 9 mm Luger, 5.7 mm stripe, 360° 4:40 min
Wire 6 mm in diameter, 24 mm length, 360° 23:00 min

Tool-marks Marking and Search

  • Marking of striations and impression marks

  • Automatic search and correlation based on marked areas

110+ ToolScan/ToolScan R360 systems have been sold to 27 countries

Austria (2), Belgium (3), Czech Republic (9), Germany (17), Estonia (1), Spain (1), Georgia (1), Croatia (2), Switzerland (13), Italy (1), Lithuania (1), Latvia (1), Portugal (2), Slovakia (3), Slovenia (1), Turkey (3), Ukraine (2), United Arab Emirates (1), Brunei (1), China (23), India (1), Japan (2), Macao (1), Saudi Arabia (10), Sudan (1), United States (5), Vietnam (4).