ToolScan R360

toolscan r360 system image

ToolScan Enhancement for Cylindrical Object Scanning

ToolScan R360 modification of the ToolScan system pushes the versatility of the whole system even further. It keeps all the possibilities of flat surface scanning on cylinder locks, padlocks, cut cables, tire pieces, cartridge cases, and plastic objects sized up to 10×10 cm, maintaining the option of high resolution and all in focus 3D images displayed as digital silicone casting. Moreover, ToolScan R360 introduces rotation about axes perpendicular to optical axes of the objective. This enables to scan nearly cylindrical or deformed objects such as bullets, cartridge case surfaces, wires, or any other object with its diameter up to 8 cm and 10 cm in length. General shape of the deformed object or even a more complicated structure is detected automatically. The resulting image can be displayed as a flat surface or a 3D model.

Device Features

Acquisition Features

  • Top quality digital camera and telecentric lens

  • Precise laser focus and automatic detection of the general shape

  • Segmented circular LED illuminator

  • High resolution of 3 μm/px

Motorization and Control

  • The device is fully controllable via the ToolScan software and a programmable joystick

  • Precision stepper motors are used for focusing, rotation and moving the object in the XY plane


  • Set of holders including a jaw vise, tilting mounts, and magnets for flat objects

  • Set of holders including a chuck, holder for bullets, and other tools for cylindrical objects