dactyscope system pro image

The Software and Hardware for Fingerprint Comparison

The LUCIA DactyScope software is an efficient solution for fast fingerpint comparison. A dedicated stand with a camera can be added to enable the operator to visualize fingerprints lifted with gelatin foils or directly on objects. The software can also serve as a platform for digital comparison of fingerprints captured by other devices. All common image formats plus NIST, WSQ, RAW, and PDF are supported.

DactyScopePro Stand

A high-quality macro lens attached to a USB 3 CMOS camera (color or mono) provides excellent image quality without aberrations in the resolution range of 600 – 2500 PPI. This imaging unit is mounted on a column which allows to adjust its distance from the table surface manually. The scene is illuminated with a pair of LED panels. Image capturing, calibration, processing, annotating, measurement, and comparison are integrated in the LUCIA DactyScope software.


  • A pair of 14 W LIM LED panels (3000 – 8000K) with homogeneous illumination and adjustable height and angle

  • A stand with coarse and fine manual focusing and a counterweight base leaving the entire working area free

  • 12 MP camera with comfortable frame rate for top-quality real-time image

  • Optionally: a set of optical filters or a lens for expanding the FOV

  • Achievable resolutions and FOVs:

    PPI FOV x (mm) FOV y (mm)
    2500 (maximum PPI) 41 30
    2000 52 38
    1500 69 51
    1000 103 76
    600 (maximum FOV) 172 125

Software Integration

  • Real-time image for comfortable focusing and object positioning

  • Focusing assistant and image calibration

  • Image lightening (on frame HDR), HDR capture, inversion and flip presets based on selected evidence type (black foil, white foil, DCT-Book)

DactyScope Software

The DactyScope application including a NIST-file module is built on the universal LUCIA Forensic software. It is specifically designed for fast and efficient comparison of fingerprint images coming from any source – a real time camera image, an image file, or a NIST file. The software contains all functions needed to examine fingerprints: image processing, documentation, comparison of multiple images, mutual alignment, marking, and preparing final images for reports.

Software Highlights

Image processing
  • Rotation, inversion, flip, crop

  • Brightness adjustments (curves) with indication of overexposed pixels, shading correction, local contrast

  • Annotations, digital scale

Side by side 2 image comparison
  • Automatic image zoom synchronization based on PPI

  • Image manager for each window which can hold multiple open images or NIST files organized in tabs

  • Dactyloscopy card can be generated

  • Dual cursor fo alignment by corresponding points, an alignment grid

  • Symmetrical joint movement and rotation of both compared images

  • Marking with customizable annotations (point, point-line, arrow, etc.), GYRO coloring, annotation alignment tools, numbering

  • Snapshots in full resolution, report creation

  • 4k monitor support, adjustable font and icon size

  • Multi-touch screen support for basic gestures

  • Pen tablets supported

50+ DactyScope systems have been sold to 5 countries

Plus 150+ extending software licenses for fingerprint analysis.

Austria (3), Czech Republic (36), Germany (8), Slovakia (5), United Kingdom (4).