dactyscope system b image

The Digital Dactyloscopy Comparator

The dactyloscopy workstation for fingerprint examination, image processing and comparison.


2 x 14 W LIM LED panels with color temperature adjustable between 3000 and 8000 K constructed to increase illumination homogeneity.

Non-restricted workspace

The stand is equipped with a counterweight base leaving the entire working area free.

Vertical camera movement

There are two knobs for coarse and fine vertical positioning.

HIgh Resolution

The camera unit is a combination of 12.3 MB CMOS USB 3 monochromatic camera and a high-quality Schneider Kreuznach macro lens with fixed focal length thus providing excellent image quality without aberrations in the resolution range from 600 to 2500 PPI. The unit is mounted on a stand with easily adjustable vertical position, the objective is focused manually.


PPI12.3 MPx camera
FOV X (mm)FOV Y (mm)
2690 (maximum PPI)3828
570 (maximum FOV)184135


The LUCIA Forensic software provides all functions needed for fingerprint image examination: acquisition, calibration, processing, annotation, measurements and comparison. It is, by default, installed on a carefully selected up-to-date PC hardware running the latest operating system.

The simplified DactyScope application is specifically designed for fast and efficient comparison of fingerprint images coming from any source – live from camera, stored on a disk (any common format), or from a NIST file.