uniscope system image

Motorized 3D Scanning System with Multispectral Illumination

UniScope is a versatile system suitable for forensic examination of:


RGB imaging, imaging with oblique illumination, imaging with IR illumination.


Direct imaging of fingerprints on object surfaces, treated with fluorescent powders and dyes or lifted with foils.


RGB Imaging, UV fluorescence.

Large objects

It is possible to capture e.g.: documents in binders, large cans with fingerprints and others.


3D imaging of toolmarks.


Camera Sensor Type 20 MP CMOS
Sensor Diagonal 35 mm
Pixel Size 6.4 μm
Minimal Resolution 900 PPI FOV: 143 x 107 mm
Maximal Resolution 3800 PPI FOV: 34 x 25 mm
Illumination Light source 8 segment multispectral LED ringlight
Wavelengths 365, 410, 456, 505, 523, 623, 850 nm + white
Accessories Separate motorized camera and illumination Z drives

System Highlights

  • Multi-spectral and multi-directional illumination with RGB and 3D capturing modes.

  • High-performance LED lighting allows for short exposure times and fast camera live image.

  • Two independent Z drives for quick focusing and illumination adjustment.

  • Joystick with buttons for quick access to often used functions.

  • Straightforward software interface for routine work, image documentation, and comparison

  • Wide range of image processing/enhancement tools and comparison modes.

  • Optimized image management, easy swapping of images within comparison, a dedicated file format for exporting/sharing of entire comparisons.

  • Integrated image browser with larger thumbnails than in Windows Explorer.

3+ UniScope systems have been sold to 1 country

Czech Republic (3).